Assets Staking & Minting

Assets Staking & Minting

1. Stake native tokens to mint synthetic assets

Users can mint different types of synthetic assets by staking AETH, ATP and other native tokens. Pumo V1.0 will first support two Alaya ecotokens, AETH and ATP, as native assets. At the same time, AETH and ATP assets can only mint stablecoin synthetic asset USDP in V1.0. As the PUMO project continues to evolve, it will continue to support the collateralization of new native assets and the minting of synthetic assets.
When the user stake their native assets to mint the synthetic assets, their debt will be generated at the same time. Considering the price fluctuation of the original asset, the collateral to value ratio (C-Ratio) of AETH and ATP in Pumo V1.0 is 1-70% and 1-40% respectively. That is, when the user stakes the AETH asset, the maximum amount of synthetic asset USDP that can be minted = the current value of AETH * 70% (the current value of ATP * 40%).
The number of synthetic assets that can be minted = the number of original assets * the oracle price of the staked assets against the synthetic assets * current C-Ratio. For example, if A wants to stake 100 ATPs as the native asset collateral, the C-Ratio is set at 40% and the ATP price is 0.6 dollars, then A can mint 100 * 0.6 * 40% = 24 USDP.

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